From the Front, 04-30-10 by David Marron

In today’s From the Front: (Click on link to read stories highlighted below) This post is courtesy of The Thunder Run Dispatches: Bouhammer: Combat Controller recognized for his bravery and valor And You Never Did Think: The Milspouse Blog Hop Army Blogger Wife: Thursday Army Live: Supper with a Hero Katherine Tiedemann: Daily brief: Pakistan considers North Waziristan ops Mansur Khan Mahsud: Who is Hakimullah? AfPak Channel: The new, new face of the Pakistani Taliban? ANNA BADKHEN: Is the U.S. Airlifting Taliban Troops into Northern Afghanistan? CI-Roller Dude: Small things can be so important…. Free Range International: Happy Mujahedin Victory Day The Kitchen Dispatch: Three Different Views Of A Ride Dafydd: Iranian Weapons The Unknown Soldiers: New York state of mind Nathan Hodge: The Legal Case for Robot War Gets Complicated The Captain’s Journal: COP Bari Alai Kandahar Diary: Contact News from the Home Front: Air Force awards 3 Silver Stars, 8 Bronze Stars, 2 Purple Hearts to McChord airmen Fla. boy has special visit with Norfolk SEALs News from the Front: Iraq: The U.S. must defend the integrity of Iraqi elections Iraqi Airways flies into decades-old legal row on inaugeral flight Car Bomb Kills 8, Wounds 20 In Baghdad Iraq Vote Recount to Start Monday; May Take 3 Weeks ‘Hodge Hall’ Closes Its Doors: 16th Engineer Brigade to Present Memorial Sign to Parents of Fallen Soldier A Graduation Party in Baghdad Afghanistan: U.S. Report on Afghan War Finds Few Gains in 6 Months Afghan Taliban getting stronger, Pentagon says ANSF Members Graduate From Inaugural Combined Noncommissioned Officer Training Academy With three killings in 10 days Taliban haunts Swat Valley again Reports surface that head of Pakistani Taliban still alive Afghan raid goes awry for U.S. US to continue reassuring Pak that it faces no threat from India Kabul rejects UN report on killing of staff IEC registers 719 candidates for elections Farmers, officials say production, revenues in Helmand rising again – Measles spread in parts of Nuristan Taliban torch NATO logistic vehicle The Thunder Run’sFrom the Front is a daily series that highlights news and personal dispatched from the front and the home front.
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