From the Front, 05-24-10 by David Marron

In today’s From the Front: (Click on link to read stories highlighted below) This post is courtesy of The Thunder Run Dispatches: Kandahar Diary: The Bad Guys Step It Up Joint Media Ops: Command and control changes in southern Afghanistan A Handful of Dust: “So When’s The Movie Coming Out?” A Little Pink on a World of Camo: New Ink Bouhammer: Ready America, We see the Worst summer has started Army Live: “Neck Up, Check Up” MAJ ADAM WOJACK: The Impact of Another Soldier’s Death Bullet Wisdom: A Memorial Castra Praetoria: On Professionalism… Free Range International: Tribal Militias Family Matters Blog: Single Moms Deal With Tough Demands Lieutenant David Duffus: Speaking their language: Working with the ANA Private Daryn Liddle: Cricket woes: Afghans beat us at our own game Corporal Caroline Storm: Round Two in Afghanistan Captain Jeremy Hahn: Heat and dust: First impressions of Afghanistan Lieutenant Colonel Charlie Herbert: The Challenges of working with an embryonic Afghan National Army Helmand Blog – Afghanistan: First British Female Soldiers Complete the United States Marine Corps Female Engagement Team Course IraqPundit: Does Obama Understand? IraqPundit: Maliki Skips Lunch Kerplunk: Catching up with … Big Ern Kit Up!: The Gear behind the Afghan War Embed Kit Up!: Afghan Muzzle Discipline — Or Not Kit Up!: EOD Gets Their MultiCam on in Afghanistan The Kitchen Dispatch: Restrepo: Little Rock Film Festival Bill Roggio: Pakistan hits Taliban in Arakzai Loving A Soldier Blog: Mail the kids to Daddy! (or Mom) Lt Col P: Kandahar Takes Center Stage C.J. Chivers: In Afghan Fields, a Challenge to Opium’s Luster Rajiv Srinivasan: The Qualitative Point Average: Rebuttal to Bruce Fleming Kazakhstan: What Al Missed Sic Semper Tyrannis: Afghan News Terry Galvin: Wazhma Frogh: No Reward For Bullies, No Impunity For Strongmen. The Unknown Soldiers: The future is now The Unknown Soldiers: Finding Comfort The Captain’s Journal: Revisiting Kamdesh: The Sellout of COP Keating and What it Can Teach Us The Belmont Club: The New International Order News from the Home Front: In blindness, soldiers find new niche in military 22nd Military Police Battalion soldiers return home from Iraq tonight A death at Lewis-McChord’s Madigan Boredom as damaging as combat? Court: No habeas rights for prisoners in Afghanistan News from the Front: Iraq: Iraqi prime minister Maliki warns against rushing to form new government – Yemeni cleric calls for killing US civilians Baghdad’s tepid nightlife Top Shiite cleric in Iraq calls for unity Fresh Appeals Lodged In Iraqi Election Impasse Iraqi prime minister Maliki warns against rushing to form new government Afghanistan: Aussie troops build presence in Kandahar ahead of NATO push Army’s bomb disposal chief Bob Seddon resigns with protest Afghanstan war: Convoy security deal to benefit Karzai’s brother? Russia Gives U.S. Afghan Drugs Data, Criticises NATO Insurgents Attack NATO’s Southern Afghan Base Rebels Attack Base in Afghanistan Afghans accuse Defence Secretary Liam Fox of racism and disrespect Britain Says Not Setting Timetable on Afghan Pullout U.S. night raid in Afghanistan elicits outrage, satisfaction Taliban win £1,600 bounty for each Nato soldier killed Afghan Government and Taliban Deny Formal Talks Results of Kandahar offensive may affect future U.S. moves Into Kandahar, Yesterday and Tomorrow IJC Operational Update, May 24 Taliban defiance on show with attacks on Afghan NATO bases Fox vows to fully equip troops in Afghanistan U.S. troops, Afghan police launch operation to patrol Taliban stronghold ‘Pak efforts have eliminated Taliban strongholds in Swat, Waziristan’ The Thunder Run’s From the Front is a daily series that highlights news and personal dispatched from the front and the home front.
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