From the Front, 06-14-10 by David Marron

In today’s From the Front: (Click on link to read stories highlighted below) This post is courtesy of The Thunder Run Dispatches: A Handful of Dust: Burqa Babes: Soraya Tarzi Bouhammer: Micheal Yon has lost his marbles and is an oxygen thief Afghani Dan, Part II: Scenes of the city Huma Imtiaz: The Cloud in the Sky Brian Fishman: Muddying the ‘Taliban’ CI-Roller Dude: Sight Picture, Breathing control… FaST Surgeon (in Afghanistan): 13 JUN 2010 “FOB Karaoke” Family Matters Blog: Avoid Financial Pitfalls During Deployment Free Range International: Dahla Dam Home From Iraq: Getting Ready for a Guard Weekend IraqPundit: Explosions in Baghdad IraqPundit: New Group, Same Problems Jalalabad Fab Lab blog: in the heat of the night Kit Up!: Magpul Quad Stack — Saving the IAR Knight of Afghanistan: Ummm…….WTF? Knight of Afghanistan: The Lone Guerilla Paradox Learning to Live: milestones and photos Learning to Live: going private Bill Roggio: Russians capture, kill 2 top Caucasus Emirate commanders ManryMission: I’m Going To See A Guy About A Suit Notes From Tommie: Sleep Eternal C.J.Chivers: As Afghan Fighting Expands, U.S. Medics Plunge In PRT-Kunar: PSYOP Soldiers: winning the war one friendship at a time Rajiv Srinivasan: Lost Boys: Father’s Day Post Red Bull Rising: Getting on the Bus Guard Wife: Baffled…But Maybe It’s Just the Heat? She of the Seal: The Things We Do For Our Kids SemperFi Wife: While Snapshots of Arlington Run Through My Mind Terry Glavin: Amayun The Talib-Killer; Eshak The Lawyer Two Brothers, Two Countries, One Army: Bombs, Mice and Stupitity OH My! War is Boring: Inside Dutch Special Forces, Part Two Wings Over Iraq: Family Readiness Groups Noah Shachtman: New U.S. Intel Push Risks Taliban ‘Propaganda Bonanza’ Uncle Jimbo: Michael Yon- Proudly violating OPSEC Greyhawk: An open letter to Mike Yon The Armorer: Just when you thought the milblog intramurals were over News from the Home Front: More Than 200 Graves Misidentified at Arlington Rangers at Lewis-McChord have new boss Friends say man who shot Hillsboro cop fought mental issues after serving in Iraq News from the Front: Iraq: In Life as in Soccer – I Hope the Grays Win Proud, Painful Art on Baghdad’s Blast Walls Over Here, Underemployed, Overqualified Clergy voice frustrations over country’s political drift At least 24 killed as gunmen storm Iraq’s Central Bank Bank Raid and Battle Paralyze Baghdad Armed men carry out coordinated bombings outside Iraq’s Central Bank At Least 12 Killed in Iraq Central Bank Attack Vital River Is Withering, and Iraq Has No Answer New Iraqi Parliament Holds Brief Symbolic Session Afghanistan: Regional Command Southwest Stands Up Afghan, International Force Clears Haqqani Stronghold U.S. 101st Airborne Begins Command in Eastern Afghanistan IJC Operational Update, June 14 Afghan Women Take Part in Journalism Workshop in Herat 18 Afghan Police Killed In Insurgent Attacks United Nations Could Hasten Removal of Taliban Leaders From Terror Blacklist U.S. Intelligence Puts New Focus on Afghan Graft Ahmed Wali Karzai, an ally and obstacle to the U.S. military in Afghanistan Ramping Up Security Is a ‘Go’ for Kandahar Afghan President Appeals for Support in Southern Afghanistan In Visit to Kandahar, Karzai Outlines Anti-Taliban Plan U.S. adopts reintegration strategy to subdue Afghan insurgency U.S. Identifies Vast Riches of Minerals in Afghanistan Pakistani agents ‘fund and train Taleban’ Service medal for ‘lucky’ soldier partially blinded in Afghanistan – British top brass sacked in Afghan strategy rethink Karzai backs NATO plan to control Kandahar ‘Completely out of the blue’: Canadian commander back in charge in Afghanistan Dark truth behind Afghan conflict The Thunder Run’s From the Front is a daily series that highlights news and personal dispatches from the front and the home front.
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