Happy Valentines day and more Beer Babes

For all you beer aficionados (spelled with spell checker) out there here is a little something that Tim S. sent us: Ten Best Beers When You’re Snowed In !! Ah yes.

Keep ’em comin, woman.

This is what most men would like to be doing on valentines day…

It’s a man’s life

But more likely we’ll be taking the lady out to eat, maybe to see some artsy stuff, or shopping, or something. That’s the sort of thing HH6 and I have planned. We’ll have kid coverage. So I’m taking HH6 to a local historic town where we’ll have lunch/dinner at some frilly place, and then we’ll go to a museum to see some modern art (Picasso/Matisse in this case). I wasn’t always like this. My wife’s favorite story about me comes from when we were getting ready to do some kayaking and needed to stop to buy another helmet. Why? Cause I didn’t want to see her head bashed against the rocks. Her reply? You’re so romantic. Yeah baby. That’s the way I roll… So where was the Beer babe in all this? Why, it was the beer fairy in the first poster of course. Did you miss it? Scroll back up and start again.
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