New DBS/Arty Desktop Background

“The Sergeant IS the Army”. So here’s a little something from SFC (ret) Joe Dvorak,Master Gunner, FA BN 3-6 FA 10th MTN DIV, Iraq, September 03, 2005, “First Rounds Downrange” to put on your desktop :

1920x1200 1st rds COLOR

1920x1200 1st rds GREY

Great idea for what to do with all the grey space in the desktop background, eh? Joe took this picture himself.
This was taken as we were taking over for a 155 BN. It was a registration/calibration shoot as part of the Area Defense of Camp Liberty and the Baghdad Airport. Just to let them know there was a new guy in town and we didn’t play. Let me know if you need anything else.
I think this little piece of history is just amazing. Turns out his old unit, 3-6 FA, is headed back to A-stan. So even though Joe owns copyright on this pic I think he’d agree to us all spreading some applause to the 3-6 fellas. I bet he’d even provide contact info for the unit if any of you military supporters wanted to send ’em some thanks, or SA package, or such stuff. Hooah!
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