No, not so much

I saw the news blurb, last week, talking it up about how the British cohort, or some fraction thereof, were being pulled out of the Stan (Afghanistan. Not Stan Lee.). The article was full of the usual hype about how this proceeded our own pull out. It was also full of gloom and doom about how we’ll get our butts kicked without the Brits there. About how emboldened out enemy would now be. That they would take advantage of the situation like a young goat at an all you can eat buffet. Honestly, I don’t believe much of what I read any more unless one of you guys in theatre sends it to me. BUT it put the image of a rag head on a goat simulating the midnight ride of Paul Revere into my mind’s eye. Which I, of course, then had to share with you. After all, what’s the use in having a twisted imagination if I can’t share it? Is this a serious cartoon? No. Not so much. ~DBS, out.
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