Operator Dan & USA Today: The Hurt Locker

I wanted to title this “Review of USA Today review of veterans review of The Hurt Locker by Operator Dan (@This ain’t Hell) … BUT it was just too long to put in the title block of the post. Go figure. Anyways, I haven’t seen this movie but my favorite E3 has it and has promised to sit down with me one day to watch it for the sole purpose of picking about uniform inconsistencies. That, and I’m told it really is a pretty good movie. For Hollyweird. Turns out Operator Dan over at This ain’t Hell (one of my favorite blogs!!) thinks so to. Here’s a excerpt of his review of the USA Today review:
personally enjoyed The Hurt Locker and thought it got a lot of things right about Americans in Iraq. In particular, I enjoyed how the movie mostly stayed out of the politics and how the insurgents were portrayed for exactly what they are: a bunch of savages who don’t care who they harm or kill in their strive to attain their goals. I felt that generally EOD’s mission was properly portrayed (a couple ridiculous adventures notwithstadning) and the opening scene in my opinion was a dead-on accurate depiction of how an EOD mission usually works.
Hope on over to TaH and read the rest. Not that they need the traffic. Heck no. I’m the one who leeches traffic from them. But rather, go on over and read the review then follow the links just because its a pretty good story during a time where most stories send ones blood pressure through the roof. Every one needs a break. Right?

I’m partial to this version of the movie poster. It focuses on the job. Not the actor.

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