Preparations …

Despite being able to empathize with this young woman’s emotions, this is something that I have no experience in: preparing to welcome home your fallen warrior’s fellow warriors.  Mrs P of A little Pink in a World of Camo is going through this right now, and quite honestly, I feel for her.
Preparations – Our Battalion is getting ready for homecoming. I’m not going to tell you how close, but the time is near(ish) and this is just more unwelcomed reality smacking me in the face. I should be there. I should be at the Battalion decorating with my best friends. I should be working on Jonny’s banner. I should be freaking out about cleaning my house so that he comes home to a nice clean space. I should be picking out homecoming outfits, planning for family to visit and planning our vacation. Our second honey moon we were going to take. Should, should, should. Am not. I am not making his banner, I am not getting ready. I am not going to hug my Marine when he gets off the bus. God, I was looking so forward to that, to that reunion. They say marrying military is like getting to fall in love all over again, a honeymoon every time he comes home. I’ll never know. I’ll never see him get off the bus. I hate this. (READ MORE)
You know what to do… David M Editor: The Thunder Run
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