As in the thermometer to your right is still going up! More contributions rolled in over the weekend. Don’t stop now. Ask everyone you know to lend a hand … Thank you very, very, much! Important announcement– As might discern from my slow capital campaign I am very much overwhelmed with projects right now and I’m keeping up with family as well as a day job that makes life possible. Therefore, I have to admit I can’t do everything. While my partner in crime, Hank of Devil Dog Brew, is a great business man … he, too, has a larger business to run as well as a family to keep up with. So I’ve made the decision to look at hiring a marketing professional to help promote and develop Delta Bravo Sierra. I intend to provide the animated content AND continue to generally grow. But I can’t go it alone. If you are a market rep or know one you think would be suited (veteran preferred) please contact me via email at damon@deltabravosierra.us . Thank you!
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