Today’s toon comes from a buddy of ours named Patrick who is an OIF vet (and recently, an amateur stand-up comic). One morning during a field exercise he was tucked away deep in some undergrowth. His face was blacked out  and he was laying perfectly motionless. Just as he was starting to feel proud of himself for digging in so well he heard movement on the trail ahead. He held his  breath and squinted to see through the folliage. A lone figure emerged from the dim fog, jogging towards his location.

As the runner strode up to him, the stealthy ninja felt like the King of the Universe. He was camoflauge incarnate. To borrow a phrase from my appalachian herititage, if Patrick had “been a snake, he could have bit ’em.” He was close enough to feel the breeze that stirred up as the runner passed.

Then, without missing a beat, his fantasy world fell apart with one word, “Sup.” To this day he doesn’t know how he was spotted. The leading theory is that he was betrayed by magical SF spidey sense.

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