The Kitchen Dispatch gets it right

My wife could say a thing or two about this. I think I’ll let her. But while were waiting I’m guessing you’ll wonder what the fragnar I’m talking about. Well go read The Kitchen Dispatch’s entry on “bail outs”…
Every milspouse faces the uneasy prospect of one day being the sole breadwinner for the family. Part of the covenant that the military formed with families was to set aside educational monies to milspouses to help them obtain further their careers. But today, as reported in The Army Times, the program was shut down. Thousands of men and women who have signed up for courses will not be able to pay for them. They will have to drop out, delaying the enrichment of their education and the development of their careers.
The Army always begins to reflect its’ CiC either directly as a result of new policies or indirectly as a result of funding priority changes. For the next three years our Army will likely be more PC, diverse, and poorly funded than at any time since the Carter administration. Hang on to your hat. This will not end well. But rest assured it will end. That’s the beauty of America. Policy changes every four to eight years … like it or not.
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