The second-to-last painting Update!

Oooohhh … it’s nearing completion. For those of you who have been following my journey in creation this GAC is about to stop. I volunteered to create this piece in support of Jim Spiri (a combat photographer) who is going to Iraq/Afghanistan via Rhino Den over at RangerUp (thanks to Hank Salmans of Devil Dog brew). The painting is something on the order of 4 ft by 5 ft or some such awful size. I’ll never do another one of these. It took too long. I did it in acrylic thinking that would speed things up but, eh, it didn’t. The original photograph used as reference for this was taken by Jim of some Marines he was embedded with in … I think … Faluja early in the war. The specifics will be posted later. And there’s a good chance this will be auctioned off as part of a fund raising to send the Rhino Den‘s first embedded reporter/photographer into theatre. So how much would you pay for all this. I think it would look good in some battalion headquarters somewhere:

This is just a quick shot off my hand held camera. Got a little glare off the flash but still gives you the gist of the thing.

The last thing I need to do to finish this? The block wall behind the Marines. Then I AM done!

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