Where it all begins: from WarOnTerrorNews

Regarding the cartoon posted yesterday … I got an email from a bud on the other end of Tn. He sent this fantastic story. Check it out:
Where it all began: A Senior Marine NCO that Refused Orders Team Semper Fi and the Semper Fi Fund This article has a real personal connection in it for me, so you will have to pardon my ramblings. I only hope the Marine I am writing about will do likewise. One thing I have come to realize about the military, those guys and gals can say a lot in a few words. That is not my strong suit. Let me introduce to you a Marine who I am honored and proud to call my friend. He is MSgt Jonathan R. White. This man has done more to boost my education concerning OIF and OEF through suggested reading material, and discussions we have had as he moves around with his work. He has been in the Corps over 20 years, is fiercely loyal, highly competitive, and one of the finest gentlemen I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. He has the best sense of humor as long as you don’t mess with his God, family or country, then all bets are off! Perhaps his only fault would be his choice of a favorite NFL team.
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