Why Can’t We Be Friends? Why Can’t … Wait. That’s Already a Song Isn’t It?

HH6 sent me this article today. I liked it. So I’m sharing it. Because “this” artist/soldier thinks artists and soldiers can be fine friends indeed. Here is a little bit of it:
Among the regulars on the right-wing discussion board where I provided some of the loyal opposition, no group was held in greater contempt than college students studying the fine arts. They were godless, self-indulgent, pampered parasites. The men wore women’s underwear; the women, who wore none, had boyfriends and parents arrested on false rape charges. Everyone celebrated Kwaanza. If a high-school education sufficed to make an artist out of Don Knotts, the conventional wisdom held, it should suffice for everyone. Be all that as it may, today’s New York Times carries a story about an NYU film student who did a undisputably good deed for an Iraq War veteran, and perhaps for veterans in general. Since losing his leg to a roadside bomb in 2006, former U.S. Army sergeant Matthew Pennington had been experiencing some of the symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, including spells of hypervigilance, depression and rage. Dissatisfied with the medication prescribed by the VA doctors, he turned to booze. It was “in an alcohol-fueled fit of despair,” reports the Times, that Pennington “drove his car into a brick wall, emerging so dazed that he thought he was back in Iraq.”
Read more. ~DBS, out.
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