Working Smart with Microsoft Outlook

Well, Tuesday was a long day. The Outlook software class turned out to be useful after all. I liked the instructor so much that I am pulling this info out of  Wednesday’s post and putting out on its own. I hope you’ll take the time to cruise these links. The class was taught by a retired AirForce Col. (this guy–> )who runs an outfit called . He used all the signiture TRADOC teaching techniques. The good ones anyway. And yes, TRADOC does get a few things right though I didn’t think so while I was under their umbrella. Now that I’ve had the class I can set up rules for how Outlook handles certain emails and use the task list to effectively arrange may days ala backwards planning and standard op order format. Captain Buck would be proud of me. I never knew Outlook could be configured like that. I always thought it just handled email with a little calendar action on the side. It was particularly useful for me to learn how to have my boss’s email placed into its own folder with its own color code and/or priority. Ditto for CC or forwarded jokes. I have a whole new Outlook on life. Heh.
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