Denver conference for military writers

Sangria Summit LogoHeads up, authors and prospective authors. The Sangria Summit convenes next month in Colorado. I’m pretty bummed out that the DBS team is unable to attend, but I figured we could do the next best thing and help spread the word.

From their press release:

New and established writers, agents, editors, journalists and subject-matter experts will gather Sept. 12-14, 2012 at the premier Sangria Summit: A Military Writers’ Conference, at the Denver City Center Marriott. Writers working in this niche-market will share ideas, learn from the experts and build lifelong connections. Active-duty personnel, veterans, military spouses, and other enthusiasts interested in finding inspiration for their next book, can register at

If you want to be the next Tom Clancy, you are going to need a network of competent folks to back you up. Sangria Summit will be an awesome opportunity to meet, work with, and learn from established authors, agents, and publishers.

I will leave you with a fun fact. I once lost two bags of Doritos when driving to Denver. The bags popped themselves open due to the altitude change, one right after the other. It sounded like we had lost a couple tires. If you are going to attend the Summit, I humbly suggest you leave your Doritos at home.