Naked chicks and free beer

You perverts... I published a poll on Facebook last month. We received about 100 votes, which isn’t too bad. I wanted to share the results here on the site because I know a good portion of you don’t partake in that particular social media/personal information collection service. Here’s a snapshot of the results, one month later.

As I’ve said again and again since I came on board at DBS, we truly want to hear what you have to say.

OCT ’12 Reader Feedback

A Facebook poll screenshot showing reader feedback

There are two things I’d like to clarify right away. 1) Readers were able to add their own custom options to this poll. 2) “Ways we can support the folks in Harm’s Way” was one of those custom responses. It was added rather late in the polling process, so most people probably did not see it as an option, hence the low ranking.


More military demotivational posters

I have a suspicion that our #1 result here is a little skewed due to the fact that many of our Facebook followers learned about DBS from our posters. The poll was also administered during a time period where we had been slacking off a bit and not sharing as many posters as usual.

That being said, we have picked up the pace and started to create more posters. We’ve also added a special area of the website to host these posters. There are still some technical issues to work out with that page… and it doesn’t currently have all of the most recent posters on it. But it’s a start.

I Applaud your Honesty

Leave Soldiers an opening and they will take it. “Naked chicks and free beer” was a user-submitted response that really took off about halfway through the polling process. If we had the ability to provide thousands of service members with companionship and booze, we would. Unfortunately we just don’t have that kind of power.

Mobile Apps

I personally found it interesting that requests for a DBS mobile app outnumbered Merchandise and More New Characters. We’ve been developing apps for iOS and Android at DBS HQ for almost a year now, so this is definately something that we could do.

The importance of this hadn’t really hit me until yesterday when I was out of the office and checking out the site on my iPhone. There are some things we could do with an app that would make that experience much better than it currently is.

Good Works

We have been dreaming up ways we could work with a military charity or other similar organization for months now and we have a few good ideas.

My favorite so far is the idea of teaming up with a charity and selling some limited edition DBS prints (potentially with their logo on it).

We are still in the brainstorming stage, so if anybody has any good ideas of how DBS could do more to support service members, sound off!