New Book by Blake Powers

For those of you who don’t know, Blake Powers (aka Laughing Wolf of BlackFive fame) has a new collection of his photos out. They are taken from his time in Iraq with our boys in Team Easy. Here’s my promo for the book:
“Blake has generated an outstanding work that re-frames the still quiet moments of war. One could easily use this book in reintegrating one’s self, family, and life. The parallels drawn between the landscape of war and the landscape of our southern United States (which still bears the scars of past war) are particularly apt. I’m pleased to see this work become available to our community.” – Damon Bryan Shackelford, creator of Delta Bravo Sierra military cartoons.
You can purchase the book at OR, better yet for his royalties and for supporint CwtT you should purchase it here And just so you know… he didn’t pay me a dime to put this post up. He’s too cheap for that. So you know my endorsement has to be true. Right? Heh. ~DBS