Spring Cleaning in September

I know it’s not seasonally-accurate if you subscribe to a traditional view of calendars, but the weather is excellent at DBS HQ in northern Alabama and we are ready to clean up. We’ve dusted off some of the cobwebs that were hiding in the corners of the website and added some new features. Here are some of the highlights.

Character Archives

In response to a common reader request, we have added a by-character view to the archives. Are you a big fan of CSM T-REX? Now you can choose to check out only comics that feature our carnivorious pal. Some of these archive pages also include little snippets about the characters.

We are working on going back through the archives and tagging old comics, but it will be a while before we are finished. If you don’t see your favorite character on the list or if one of their toons is missing, please be patient. We will get to it ASAP. In the meantime, sound off on our Facebook page to let us know which characters you think need more love.

Faster loading speeds

We moved the site over to a better server. We've also ditched Apache and started using Nginx. We've started doing some content caching as well. All of these enhancements have made the website more responsive.

Social Media integration

Facebook is an important marketing tool for the comic. Many of our readers find us first on Facebook. Due to this and the fact that some DoD networks have blocked our website, we've begun to automatically post new toons into a Facebook photo album the second they are published. We've set up a new Twitter account that announces new toons as well. Our goal is to make Lucky and his friends available to as many people in as many formats as they'd like.

Updated "About" pages

The DBS team grew recently and folks have been asking for more information about the RIP/TOA.

All in all, we are pumped and ready to share some great new toons. Remember that our door is always open. If you have any suggestions about how we can improve DBS, just give us a shout.