Where Have All the Milblogs Gone?

Not to be confused with a similar sounding Van Halen song – I would say that is a very good question. One which David Marron at ThunderRun just brought up. It’s a question I’ve been pondering on myself. Because I still have family serving I already know the unofficial answer. Sometimes, when it comes to the invisible lines of power in Big Army the unofficial answer is the correct answer. Here’s what David had to say today:
Do you wonder where all the blogs went that were being written by the soldiers on the frontlines? I do, I’ve been tracking these blogs for close to a decade now and for information on what is happening on the front lines you are pretty much now resigned to the major media outlets or the Department of Defense official reports, and the few blogs that are out there are primarily being written by civilians or contractors. […] Milblogging.com, a site founded by JP Borda after his return from Afghanistan in 2004 catalogs Milblogs of every persuasion. He currently list over 3000 MilBlogs but a scant handful of them are being published from the frontlines, and on the list of recently updated blogs, none are being updated by soldiers on active duty, let alone deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan.
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